The Changing Face of e-Waste Recycling Industry in UAE

We are often lured by the advanced technology gadget, but the way we discard the old ones is a matter of discussion. According to the CEDARE “Center for Environment and Development for the Arab Region and Europe” the plastic waste of these gadgets is non-biodegradable and hazardous to the environment, thus, electronic waste needs to be discarded properly. Recycling services in UAE are doing a great job of discarding the electronic waste securely.

Why eWaste Recycling is a Necessity

Inside the plastic body of the electronic gadgets and appliances there is some valuable metal like gold, silver, aluminum, copper, etc. are found. Through a safe recycling process all these are extracted without wasting much of it and later it is either handed over to the owner or exported to different countries like China, India and other countries for reuse these in manufacturing gadgets and appliances.

Here are some of the points of consideration in favor of why recycling is necessary:

  • Through the recycling process, the most valuable elements of the dated device are extracted and can get reused.
  • Discarding the dated gadget and appliances with the help of the recycling process is safe for the environment.
  • It minimizes the risk of losing the important data or being hacked and breached.
  • Sometimes the expert technicians of recycling services help you decide whether the device needs to be shredded or can be refurbished.
  • Recycling services in UAE like E-Scrappy come up with the CSR program to support underprivileged children by offering them refurbished laptops, desktops and other devices which will help them in education.

Thus, it is more than just getting your old dated gadgets and appliances discarded, it is for the welfare of the environment and the society as well.

Is eWaste Recycling Industry Turning into Gold?

Recycling Services Dubai,  UAE is not just a recycling plant for electronic waste disposal, it has now sketched its outline as an industry. It is offering livelihood for drivers, technicians, accounts professionals and various other departments.

Nevertheless, this industry is turning into gold as it is helping the environment, underprivileged children in education and the country’s economy by exporting valuable elements to different countries.


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