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How does our Corporate Social Responsibility supports your organization?

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a company’s ethical sense of responsibility towards the environment and community in which it operates its services. Escrappy Recyclers initiates organizations and educational institutions to get engaged with environment-friendly business practices that create value and develop a electronic disposal policy. The company is all set to serve a secure future for the unexplored and ignored sector with an initiative to address all pressing concerns of the environment and therefore reforming the earth to become a safer place to our future generation.

How we deliver our CSR Programs for our clients?

Educating Children

Escrappy Recyclers Facilitate IT Infrastructure capabilities to NGO’s & Non –Profit Organizations working in the area of Education for Underprivileged Children, Girl Child Education.

E-Waste Awareness Campaign

Escrappy Recyclers often run drives to aware people about the effect of increasing e-waste over nature. Our purpose is to educate and share awareness to the public.

E-Waste Collection Drive

Escrappy Recyclers signup contracts to collect e-waste from their premises. We also place e-waste collection bins, set up stalls to spread awareness about the importance of e-waste recycling.

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