Benefits of Hiring a Recycling Company for e-Waste Disposal Management

Disposal of electronic waste is a serious affair to discuss for the common household as well as the corporate and industry level. As this is well known that some of the parts of electronic devices are non-biodegradable and it is causing havoc for the environment. For that matter, hiring a recycling company in Dubai would be a great gesture towards keeping the environment safe from being polluted. Let’s take a look at what e-waste management is:

Recycling of e-Waste

It is well known that the candid usage of electronic gadgets and appliances has led towards generating the massive pile of e-waste; UAE has taken the initiative to pioneer the e-waste management system around the globe. A recycling company in UAE collect electronic waste from the client site and extract the valuable elements like gold, silver, copper, lead, etc. from it. Plastic is a major concern as it is non-biodegradable, it is recycled to use antithetically.

Here are some of the devices and gadgets that are listed under electronic waste:

  • Televisions
  • DVDs
  • Laptops batteries
  • Computers
  • Air conditioners
  • Mobile phones
  • Hard disks
  • Radios
  • Home appliances
  • Electric cookers

Lands and fields are turning barren because of the electronic waste disposed of in an unethical way say the reports of the Environment Protection Agency. They said that forty million tons of e-waste being dumped into the fields out of which 40% is lead and the rest of them are toxic elements like mercury, barium, cadmium, antimony, and arsenic that causes the pollution and make the land barren and polluted water as well.

Significance of E-Waste Management

Managing natural resources efficiently: electronic devices and appliances have lots of valuable and natural elements that can be reused. Elements like gold, silver, copper, plastic iron, etc. are extracted and exported to different countries for refurbishing.

Prevent earthly contamination: Electronic wastes are loaded with toxic and hazardous elements that can infect water and soil and cause death or epidemic diseases. An E-waste recycling company in Dubai helps in preventing disposing of these elements in open lends and fields and make better use of it.

The e-waste recycling companies in the UAE are very decisive and consume less energy in the recycling process than it takes to produce a new device. Nevertheless, it is better to hire an e-Waste recycling company if we want a healthy and prosperous life for ourselves and our future generation.


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